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Wood is living nature. For centuries wooden products, including floor were present at courts and salons and as well today, they are still used in our houses. These products are man-friendly, aesthetic and easily renewable.
Quite popular nowadays, modern technical solutions are not able to change the attitude of users of traditional parquet floors, and stairs. Next to that wooden products can beautify any interior decoration.

The natural beauty and warmth coming from the wood surface, gives our rooms a unique character, elegance and cosiness. Therefore, not surprisingly, the wood floors are still in fashion.


"What is in line with the nature is good. What is against the nature is bad."
Chinese proverb

About our company

Drewex is present on Polish market since 1992. We have been gradually increasing the production of solid parquet and all the time focusing on high quality home wood, such as oak, red oak and ash.
Our long and rich experience, low turnover of staff and attention to every detail of the production cycle guarantee good quality of our parquet. Recently we have introduced additional line dedicated to the production of stairs from glued wood and solid batten as well as veneer batten.

The grant from the European Union

We are glad to inform you that our company is currently running the project partly financed by the European Union. The agreement was signed on 20-04-2009. Thanks to the operation undertaken within the project we are sure that we are going to become more efficient and competitive, thus meeting even better the quality and technology expectations of our clients.

Our offer - production and service

For the production of floors and internal decorations of staircases we use mainly pedunculate oak as well as red oak. All the products, shown below can be seen in our gallery. Photos are properly grouped and described.



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